• “My experience at the Lake Highland pool has been nothing short of amazing. I am not a Lake Highland parent and came across the swim program from research and word of mouth. As a former competitive swimmer, it was important for me to find a reputable swim program where my children would be to obtain proper instruction and development within an environment that was both structured as well as supportive. I have not been disappointed. I have been involved with Lake Highland Aquatics for about 8 years where my 2 children have received private and group swim instruction. Registration has always been easy and straightforward via the website and Stacy Wright has always been helpful, kind and responsive to any questions or concerns and is always willing to accommodate in scheduling. My children have always received excellent instruction with an age appropriate balance of discipline and fun. I have had the most interaction with Lydia as an instructor and can't speak enough praise for her coaching style. Each of my girls loved her and she always takes time to say hello to them. While there is a level of investment of time and cost, it truly is a wise investment because the instructors get right to work with evident progress from day 1. This can only come from seasoned instructors. Whether my children decide to continue on a competitive swimming path, I know that I will always turn to Highlander Aquatics.”

    Lindsay K.

  • Thank you so much Lake Highland swim for giving our girl confidence and joy in the pool! We have been practicing 4 years and this is the first program to really click for her. Ryan was exactly what she needed and we love how she didn’t let her give up and helped her to keep pushing. We are now doing group lessons and look forward to working with you all in the future for our son!”

    Brooke K.

  • “I am the mother of 2 1/2 year old twins who have been given private swim lessons at our home for the past two summers starting at six months old. Despite having two years of lessons, I was not confident that they were adequately prepared to survive an accidental fall into our pool. I expressed my concerns to my friends and several of them recommend LH Swim School. After a few tears at the beginning of their first lesson with LH Swim School, my children were reaching for the wall, floating, and smiling from ear to ear with pride. By their third lesson they were jumping into the pool with no fear, turning around, and climbing out of the pool. I could not be happier with the teachers and staff at LH Swim School. I can’t wait to see what they will be able to do after two weeks of lessons.”

    Destiny P

  • "My daughter took her first swim lessons at Lake Highland when she was only three years old. We have gone back every summer since then - we love the instructors and the quality of the lessons. I feel confident in my daughter’s ability (and safety) in the pool thanks to Lake Highland’s swim program!"

    Katie S.

  • "This is our first experience with Lake Highland Aquatics and we couldn’t be happier. I’m amazed at home much my 3.5 year old has learned in only 4 days. She started out not really knowing how to swim at all, and now she can float on her back, reach the wall, blow bubbles and know her ’safe places.’ She starts out the lessons scared, but Tiffany is so patient, yet firm, with her that by the end of the lesson she’s focused and calm. I already have more peace of mind knowing that she’ll be safer in the water. I can’t wait to see how much more she learns in the next (her 2nd) week!"

    Caroline C.

  • “My daughters had a great experience at Lake Highland. Coach Pat was awesome! She really knew how to handle my children’s silliness during lessons. She taught them a lot stroke work, which is what I asked for. My older daughter learned freestyle and backstroke. She was able to progress to the Green wristband at the YMCA kids pool and also passed the Winter Park Community Pool Swim Test for their wrist band. She is among the youngest to achieve this at both pools at 4 years old. My younger daughter learned to swim with her big arms. At only 2 years old, she blows people away who see her swim. They also had a lot of fun. Coach Pat allowed them to do a number of other fun activities that progressed their swimming skills. She was instrumental in their swimming and safety in the water this summer.”

    Heather H.

  • “The registration process is very easy! The hardest part for me is remembering to send the check along! The relationship is one of mutual trust between the swimmer, the instructor, and the parent. This was the reason we chose Lake Highland Aquatics vs. other early swim safety/lesson programs. We wanted our children to learn to respect the water, not be fearful of it. We wanted our children to first learn how to rescue themselves and then how to become proficient swimmers. It’s still a work in progress, but we will return to Lake Highland Aquatics year after year until those goals are met for all three children!”

    Jillian G.

  • “We have had one child in the program for three summers, and another is in his first. The instructors have taken a non-swimmer through safety lessons and are now working on learning the strokes. He enjoys his lessons and (finally) proclaims them as fun! The younger of our swimmers is still learning how to float and protect himself should he fall in. We have seen remarkable progress in just two short weeks. We wouldn’t take our boys anywhere else in Orlando and recommend Lake Highland Aquatics to friends and family.”

    Jillian G.

  • “Highlander Aquatics has been one of the most amazing programs for our girls. Each of them started with group lessons when they were two. After just a few weeks of stroke lessons with the outstanding instructors, our girls had become true fish in the water! When they were four, they both began swimming in the Jr. Highlander program. Again, this incredible program has allowed our daughters to flourish as swimmers. Both love the pool, the coaches and everything about swimming! Our eldest is now swimming with astounding confidence on the Green Seasonal Swim Team. The facilities, the instructors (Ms. Lydia especially) and the affordability are all what keep us coming back season after season. We are so appreciative that Lake Highland opens their pool to the community so that we may experience such exceptional swim instruction.”

    Brittany L.

  • “We can’t thank Lake Highland Aquatics enough for the swim lessons. I looked around for many private swim lesson options, and after hearing many great things about Lake Highland (and the great price), we signed up our son. Our son screamed the first two lessons, but Coach Jeandre is so incredibly patient with him and encourages him every step of the way. He knows when he’s ready for a new skill and knows exactly what to say to him to make him happy! We have been going to Lake Highland for a year, and the amount of progress our son has made is incredible. From a 2.5-year-old who didn’t want to get into the pool to a 3.5-year-old who wouldn’t stop jumping in the pool and swimming on our recent vacation, Dylan has come a long way! He loves swimming lessons and especially loves his coach — he jumps right into Coach Jeandre’s arms at the beginning of every lesson, and proudly shows off what he can do. The only time he cries now is when he finds out we aren’t going to swimming lessons after school! Lake Highland Aquatics is the best!”

    Rachel S.

  • "We are very pleased with the Lake Highland swim lessons our son has received. He has only been swimming for 1.5 years, but it has been a good experience so far! We so appreciate the staff’s willingness to make swimming enjoyable for him—it makes him less scared of the water! He took pretty quickly to Ms. Ryan and Ms. Haley and their calm, yet encouraging demeanor."

    Brittany C.