Senior Group

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Below you will find all necessary forms for athletic participation as required by the Florida High School Athletic Association.  In addition to the links below, these forms are also on the AthleteConnection website.   These forms must be submitted electronically via AthleteConnection. 

This is the highest level of training at Highlander Aquatics. Swimmers in this squad are focused on maximizing their training for the purpose of competing at the highest levels of swimming including state, regional, national and international competitions. The senior group will incorporate strength training, dry land, goal setting, and personal accountability as well as emphasis on swimming technique, race strategy and training to accomplish team and individual goals.

Minimum Requirements:
Age: 13 years old (typical age range of swimmers is 14-18)
Ability: Coach Todd Mann will determine swimmer’s readiness for this squad.
Training:  7 to 11 workouts per week including 1+ am workouts before school pending on Seasonal Plan.
Vacation: Discretion encouraged
Communicate with Coaching Staff about any practice conflicts at least 24 hours in advance.

Moving Up
As swimmers improve and age up from one age group to another, they will be moved up as long as they meet the training demands of the new group. It is both the coach's and swimmer's decision as to whether a move to a group with minimum training requirements will be made through a gradual commitment to practice, each child is taught to set goals and work hard to achieve those goals. Through positive encouragement and an occasional stern push, a child will learn to push themselves toward testing their own limits each and every day. A child will learn that hard work leads to achievement and success, and achievement is fun! 

SENIOR Expectations
Be Respectful.  Be Courteous.  Be Accountable.  Be on Time.

  • Attend all practices and meets. 5 per week 3:30 – 5 pm
  • Commit to Varsity Team thru Championship Season.
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  • Communicate with Coaching Staff about any practice or meet conflicts at least 24 hours in advance.
  • At each home meet, one representative must be at the competition to help "run" the meet.
    • Available jobs:  Lane Timers, Daktronics workers, Officials and Computer Operators.

Value the sport.
Respect the process.
Above all be honest in you efforts.

Practice times:
Varies throughout the year.  Approximately 18-20 hours of committed, purposeful practice.

Fall, Winter and Spring Practice Schedule

  • Monday - Friday 3:30 - 5:30 pm
  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday 5:30 - 7:10 am
  • Saturday 8:00 - 10 am

Summer Practice Schedule 2020 (Starting May 30th)

  • Monday - Saturday 7-9 am swim, 9-9:45 am dryland      
  • Monday/Tuesday/Thursday --  2-4pm swim

*Please have dryland clothes for all practices in case of inclement weather.

*College swimmers are welcome to join us, however please be on time and stay entire workout.


Expectations at Practice

  • Honest purposeful committed practice each and everyday.  The goal at each and every practice is to better one’s self and influence teammates in a positive direction.

Equipment Requirements:

Dryland and Weightroom Equipment Requirements:

  • Proper running shoes, shorts and t-shirt.

Fees and Requirements: 

  • The tuition is $180/month for Age Group I.
  • There is a $180 per year fundraising requirement and a $85 annual registration fee. 
  • Parents are required to work at least 1 session per day of each meet we host.
  • The fees for the first month and the registration fee are required by August 25th.

2020 Meet Schedule (Senior Group)

  • March 5-8 FLAGS @ I-Drive YMCA
  • March 12-15 Sr Champs @I-Drive YMCA
  • March 17-21 NCSA Juniors @ I-Drive YMCA *Qualifier
  • April 5 FL OW Championships @ FGCU Lake *Qualifier
  • April 24-26 USA OW Nationals @ Ft. Myers Beach *Qualifier
  • April 24-26 Ron Nardozzi LC Invite @LHPS
  • May 15-17 PA LC Invite @ LBHS
  • May 30-31 OW Zone Team @ Chattanooga, TN *Qualifier
  • June 5-7 TPA LC Meet @ Trinity
  • June 12-14 YCF LC Meet @ I-Drive YMCA
  • June 20-28 USA Olympic Trials @ Omaha, NE *Qualifier
  • June 25-27 Paralympic Games @ Minneapolis, MN
  • June 27-28 NTC LC Meet @ Clermont
  • July 9-12 Sectionals @ Gainesville *Qualifier
  • July 16-19 FLAGS @ Sarasota *Qualifier
  • July 23-26 Sr Champs @ Sarasota *Qualifier
  • July/August 30-2 USA Futures @ Huntsville, AL *Qualifiers
  • August 1-2 Area 2 Champs @ Lake Howell