Age Group I

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Fall, Winter and Spring Practice Schedule:

  • Monday - Friday 3:30 - 5:30 pm         
  • Saturday 8 - 10 am

Summer Schedule

  • Monday - Friday 7 - 9 am        
  • Tuesday and Thursday 2 - 3:30 pm 
  • Saturday 7 - 9 am

2023 Tentative Age Group Meet Schedule
May 19-21 Patriot Invite @ Lake Brantley
June 8-11 RAFC Summer Prelim/Final @ Rosen I-Drive
June 23-25 Sarasota Tsunamis @ Sarasota Team Trip for Senior and AG1
July 13-16 FLAGS @ Ocala
July 29-30 Area 2 Champs @ Oviedo Blue Dolfins

RACE PACE - Training Spread Sheet    Training Sheet Example

Race Pace isn’t sprinting to exhaustion but creating the speed that will be needed to achieve goal times for each event.
Race Pace training develops muscle memory and helps create speed and power.
If you train at slow speeds you will compete at slow speeds, if you learn to train at faster speeeds you will compete at HIGHER levels.


As of late I have been introducing Sets where I've asked you to SWIM LIKE A CHEETAH RUNS...

There is a consequence to poor performance in the cheetah's world.
If it does not go out each day and run as fast as it can, it does not eat, it does not feed its family.
It is going all-out, full bore every time it goes out and meets the day.

The challenge we have in our sport, is that we don't do that enough.
We think we do; the kids tell me they are working as hard as they can. I am not sure that is true. I am trying to get each of you to go 100%, like the cheetah runs.
WHY - Because in our sport, we do not have a consequence for poor performance, despite the fact that I am encouraging you to go full speed, all-out, every stroke,
all the details associated with being fast,
we get probably only 60-70% of capacity. 

By the way, when the cheetah runs, the head never moves. It is still and totally focused on the prey.

Age Group 1 Expectations

  • Have Fun
  • Be on time
  • Taking ownership/accountability of your swimming (i.e equipment, warm-down, effort, etc.) 
  • Respect for coaches, teammates, and workouts at all times
  • Having pride in Highlander Aquatics and your training
  • Swimmer to Coach Communication. Communicate any practice conflicts at least 24 hours in advance
  • Honest, purposeful, committed practice each and every day. The goal at each and every practice is to better ones-self and influence teammates in a positive direction 

Equipment - Highlander Team Page | Swim Jax Swim Shop - To purchase TYR Products

  • Goggles (always have a spare or two) 
  • Cap (optional for boys, always have spares)
  • Pull Buoy
  • Fins 
  • Paddles - see Coach Curley for sizing
  • Equipment Bag (Swimmers can hang them on pool deck)
  • Snorkel 
  • TYR Team Suit for Meets 

Fees and Requirements: 

  • The tuition is $140/month for 12 months/year for Age Group I.
  • There is a $140 per year fundraising requirement and a $85 annual registration fee. 
  • Parents are required to work at least 1 session per day of each meet we host.
  • The fees for the first month and the registration fee are required by August 25th.
  • Seasonal payment options are available for this group for $160/month. 
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